Saturday, 14 January 2017

10 Things To Do In Toronto

I wonder how long does the holiday blues last. I know I need more travelling, more exploring and learning more about the world and I know a lot of you feel the same which makes me feel better because I know I'm not 'suffering' alone. I cannot wait for my next trip.
I went to Toronto and New York in November with my boyfriend and I decided to write two posts about this especially because there's a lot of photos I want to share with you! I took most of them on disposable camera as I always do but this time I decided to share some I took with my phone too.
People say that Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world with its 200 ethnic groups and over 140 languages spoken and thanks to that there are quite a few different neighbourhoods with lots of different people to taste and lots of different food to meet. 
Or the other way round. The best thing about being part of the multicultural society is the food. I like people but still.

Anyway here's some of my tips on what to do. Toronto is beautiful and has a lot to offer and you don't have to spend fortune there to have a great time.

Here is my map of Toronto for you. It includes all the places I am mentioning in this post (and not just that!).

1. Go up CN Tower  to see the whole city from above and appreciate its size. Views for days! There's a thing called EdgeWalk you can try if you feel like walking at the edge of CN tower tied to it only with a rope basically. It will be a no from me thank you haha. Maybe in the next life. There's also a glass floor with a view of 342m down! I remember there was a sign saying the glass could hold a few elephants so unless you are one you should be fine (HAHA I am hilarious) ..but maybe have a light breakfast on the day just to be sure ;-).
Thanks to our trip being in November there was no queue but I imagine that during a high season you might want to book your tickets ahead.

2. Visit beautiful Allan Gardens - a place I fell in love with and maybe the first thing (after waffles with maple sirup) which comes to my mind when thinking of Toronto. These botanical gardens are really well kept and filled with amazing succulents, plants and flowers and even turquoises and squirrels! So beautiful.

3. Have a Caribbean feast at The Real Jerk. Yum I will forever remember delicious food we had in the restaurant not only famous for its great authentic cuisine but also for being featured in Drake and Rihanna's Work music video. Seriously I recommend the place for the tasty food, huge portions, and great prices.

4. See a free concert at Canadian Opera Company! This is a great opportunity to see a free concert as a part of the Free Concert Series in this beautiful venue. They hold them once or twice a week so just have a look at their calendar to see what's on. I saw a great jazz concert and loved every minute of it. It is first come first serve so get there at least 15 minutes before the start if you want to get a seat.


5. Shop vintage in Kensigton Market!  This great colourful neighborhood where you literally shop in somebody's living room was a nice little surprise for me and I enjoyed the friendly vintage vibe. It s not only good for shopping for clothes but also for music instruments, furniture, jewelry or food. Kensington Market is very close to popular Graffiti Alley in The Fashion District. On the way there you might want to pay a visit to Cacao 70 lovely place where everything is made of chocolate.

6. Try butter been in The Lockhart...if you are a true Harry Potter fan. I really enjoyed my Evanesco chocolate and not just because I was so excited to be there but because it was actually awesome. They make themed Harry Potter cocktails (and mocktails) as well as snacks and desserts and a muggle internet!
It is a popular bar within locals a little bit out of the city center but it is easy to walk there. I really enjoyed that about Toronto, there isn't really any hills and it is not that massive if you have time so you don't necessarily need to use public transport much.

7. Visit Art Gallery of Toronto on Wednesday night when the admission is free from 6-9pm. The gallery's permanent collection includes modern and contemporary art from Canada, Europe, Africa and Oceania. There are photography, prints, and drawings too. Find Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Sam Francis and many other artists! This gallery is massive so give yourself some time.

8. Explore various neighborhoods of Toronto such as China Town, Little Italy or Little Portugal! Food time yay! As true take-away addicts we had take-away even on a holiday haha and why not it was great. I had some lovely chinese and thai food.

9. NIAGARA FALLS! They are not too far from Toronto and you can get a coach there from Toronto city center. The journey takes about 2,5 hours and it is worth it. There is a themed park near the falls and also few casinos and restaurants but if you're not into it then one day trip is enough.
The best part was the boat trip when we got really close to the falls. Everybody on the boat was screaming because of the wind and all the water. It was really epic and when we were right under the falls we saw a rainbow and that must have been one of the most epic moments of my life. We were completely wet afterwards. Oh and that raincoat they give you is more of a souvenir than an actual protection ;-).

When you're on a boat at Niagara Falls but food is life.
10. Get lost in the city. Nothing worse than having every day planned too much. If you wonder around and go just wherever you fancy at that moment you might find something you didn't even know you were looking for.
I loved veggie dogs!

Toronto beach

Overall it was lovely and I hope to see more of Canada in the future...and one day I will get that waffle maker they had in our hotel and my life will upgrade to a whole different level. Amen.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Make Time For It & Gresham Blake: Hotel Pelirocco

Oooh I actually love this photo...
I know you all must be disgusted by my fringe in the photo and yes we have to talk about this important issue facing all people with fringe. It is not an easy life my dear readers and whenever bringing 'plus two's' to an event make sure you choose people who ARE going to tell you if your fringe is slacking. That is my advice for you. Obviously I failed this by bringing Jay and Jose who did not care for me looking good in the photos haha! Maybe they drank too much of that Greenwich beer? I hope so because otherwise there's no excuse. I try not to look too messy in the photos but I guess it is more honest. 

Gresham's bespoke waistcoat made for this special occasion.
Two thirsty Londoners.

A very sharp photograph of Chocolate Beer.

So upset about the fringe still.
jumper - Monki, fringe - very bad ;)

This was a lovely little event where everybody had opportunity get drunk for free I mean taste great limited collection of craft beers and to stuff themselves with free food.. I mean to see a waistcoat made by Gresham Blake. Blake was challenged by Meantime Brewing Company to create this waistcoat within 6 weeks. This is also how long it takes to brew their beers in London and for me to do my laundry. This was a perfect event for beer nerds and people who like unusual flavours such as Wheat Beer or Chocolate Porter. 
Also, later there was great nachos and lots of different nibbles which I don't remember but I know they were great. Jose saw all of this free food and went on a mad one and basically ate all of it. I wish I was joking. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Opened In Marina

these photos were taken on a disposable camera (still don't have a proper one sorry)
Oh my days...those burgers! I should have had some food before writing this because now I'm emotional. I often get really dramatic when I'm hungry and I am only saying it because I know it's normal and we're all in this together so please if you are in my 'Upset When Hungry' club please let me know because my boyfriend says it's not normal to freak out about long take-away times. Anyways, I was definitely NOT hungry or upset after attending GBK opening event in Brighton Marina. This was my first invite for a restaurant opening and obviously one of the biggest achievements of my life. The food was wonderful and I ate it all. I mean I got full after my burger so I had to take the massive onion rings with chips home. I am not one of these people who leave their food behind (if you do that you are crazy) - I take the leftovers home and yes maybe I look gross shoving it all in my face later in bed but trust me I am happy.. Besides leaving food behind is a waste. 
I really enjoyed my veggie burger and especially loved the sweet potato fries. They are probably my favourite thing GBK does - so delicious! But now can you see the size of the burger my boyfriend is having?? I mean how greedy is that haha. When they brought over this burger I was shocked and it turns out Jay decided to have his burger with all the extras they had on the menu! I think it contains egg, avocado, bacon, pineapple and I don't even know what else but the main thing is that he said it was amazing. I rate that burger and also want to mention that the staff of the restaurant were super nice and working really hard to make everyone happy. Thank you GBK!