Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Make Time For It & Gresham Blake: Hotel Pelirocco

Oooh I actually love this photo...
I know you all must be disgusted by my fringe in the photo and yes we have to talk about this important issue facing all people with fringe. It is not an easy life my dear readers and whenever bringing 'plus two's' to an event make sure you choose people who ARE going to tell you if your fringe is slacking. That is my advice for you. Obviously I failed this by bringing Jay and Jose who did not care for me looking good in the photos haha! Maybe they drank too much of that Greenwich beer? I hope so because otherwise there's no excuse. I try not to look too messy in the photos but I guess it is more honest. 

Gresham's bespoke waistcoat made for this special occasion.
Two thirsty Londoners.

A very sharp photograph of Chocolate Beer.

So upset about the fringe still.
jumper - Monki, fringe - very bad ;)

This was a lovely little event where everybody had opportunity get drunk for free I mean taste great limited collection of craft beers and to stuff themselves with free food.. I mean to see a waistcoat made by Gresham Blake. Blake was challenged by Meantime Brewing Company to create this waistcoat within 6 weeks. This is also how long it takes to brew their beers in London and for me to do my laundry. This was a perfect event for beer nerds and people who like unusual flavours such as Wheat Beer or Chocolate Porter. 
Also, later there was great nachos and lots of different nibbles which I don't remember but I know they were great. Jose saw all of this free food and went on a mad one and basically ate all of it. I wish I was joking. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Opened In Marina

these photos were taken on a disposable camera (still don't have a proper one sorry)
Oh my days...those burgers! I should have had some food before writing this because now I'm emotional. I often get really dramatic when I'm hungry and I am only saying it because I know it's normal and we're all in this together so please if you are in my 'Upset When Hungry' club please let me know because my boyfriend says it's not normal to freak out about long take-away times. Anyways, I was definitely NOT hungry or upset after attending GBK opening event in Brighton Marina. This was my first invite for a restaurant opening and obviously one of the biggest achievements of my life. The food was wonderful and I ate it all. I mean I got full after my burger so I had to take the massive onion rings with chips home. I am not one of these people who leave their food behind (if you do that you are crazy) - I take the leftovers home and yes maybe I look gross shoving it all in my face later in bed but trust me I am happy.. Besides leaving food behind is a waste. 
I really enjoyed my veggie burger and especially loved the sweet potato fries. They are probably my favourite thing GBK does - so delicious! But now can you see the size of the burger my boyfriend is having?? I mean how greedy is that haha. When they brought over this burger I was shocked and it turns out Jay decided to have his burger with all the extras they had on the menu! I think it contains egg, avocado, bacon, pineapple and I don't even know what else but the main thing is that he said it was amazing. I rate that burger and also want to mention that the staff of the restaurant were super nice and working really hard to make everyone happy. Thank you GBK!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Tallulah's Threads - Flamingo Twin Set

twin set - Tallulah's Threads, shoes - H&M 

This is me looking (not) very natural and pretending there's nobody taking pictures of me! I love the flamingo set and when I used to dye my hair pink I would always use Directions Flamingo. I miss having colourful hair and this feels too normal and when I look at myself in a mirror it's so boring..sometimes scary haha! That depends on if I had a good night sleep or not. :-)
There's more summery and non-summery clothes at Tallulah's Threads - have a look yourself. It's all made with love in Brighton and they deliver world wide. 

My latest first world problems:

1. Why is it always sunny when I'm at work?
2. Franco Manca don't cut your pizza for you and you have to do it yourself.
3. Where should I go for the next holiday? There's too many options.
4. Sometimes take-away delivery takes more than they promise and that's hard to cope with.
5. My fringe.
6. My boyfriend likes Indian food and I prefer Japanese therefore it is hard to decide what to have for dinner.
7. It is so cold here all the time and I cannot wear any of my summer clothes.
8. I cannot find a perfect rain coat.
9. My phone is too slow.
10. Avocados are getting more expensive.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Alone In Lisbon

skirt - All About Aud

I went to Lisbon on my own and it was great. The city is so charming and of course I expected it would be nice out there but it just surpassed my expectations. Like I said I went alone and I'm not trying to say that I wouldn't enjoy it with somebody else but I just want to encourage more people to do it. I know some women wouldn't go travelling on their own and I can definitely see why BUT don't let your fears to stop you. You never know who you can meet and you can be incredibly selfish when travelling alone and that feels awesome. So if you feel like going somewhere, you have some money and time then just do it. It will be worth it. You can meet a lot more people when you're alone which usually happens in hostel's dorms. I don't like listening to strangers snoring (I believe that my snoring is frankly better) so I booked myself a private room. I was thinking that I did in fact meet one of my best friends in A hostel but I didn't believe I would get this lucky again and it was same price to sleep in a dorm full of people or alone. 

It only cost me 10/night for my (tiny) room featuring a (tiny) balcony with a lovely view in the centre of Lisbon. Lisbon is so cheap in comparison to other places I've been. I had quite a few pancakes and waffles in Lisbon and of course lots of pastries. In restaurants I always sat alone at a table for two and ordered enough food for three. It really was cheap and I live in England so almost anywhere in Europe is cheaper to be honest. I think Portugal is good for meat eaters but there was plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, lots of smoothie bars and all of that.
Public transport is very easy to access and understand in Lisbon. I really liked their trams which take you up some of the biggest hills and there's only five lines. It's always just one carriage with 20 seats with a wooden floor and windows you can lean out from (there's a sign 'do not lean out of the window' but that's not important right now). They have been in operation since 1873! Aww cute little trams. They make funny noises too and go through really beautiful narrow streets of Lisbon. I recommend taking the 28E which takes you around all the monuments and it's just so much fun. There's buses and underground too. For all of the transport you buy a card from the machines you find at most stations and then you can top it up every time you need it/buy a single ticket or 24h ticket for 6. To be fair you can just walk around most of the time if you like walking and hills. 

I spent four hours in Museu Colecção Berardo which is an absolutely amazing museum of modern and contemporary art. I loved it. For my Czech readers (Vidim Vas!) I'd like to mention that there's Jindrich Styrsky's painting. It has several floors, the entry is free and in their collection you find pieces by Picasso, Dalí etc. It is right by popular monument called Belem and Lisboa's famous bridge Ponte 25 de Abril. 

I also want to mention that there's an abundance of nice views of Lisbon in the city. I always walked somewhere, got lost a little and suddenly there was a hill in front of me and every single time it was worth climbing up. I must have seen Lisboa from all the angles it has. Seriously the most fun I've had was when I was getting lost in these narrow streets (thank god for google maps) eating chocolate and just enjoying this chilled place. Everyone is really relaxed there, you know. People were talking to me a lot in Portugese, like they would point at me and say something. Who knows what they were saying but when approached they were very friendly. 
My favourite parts: Bairro Alto and Chiada (that's where I stayed).

I loved Portugal and I want to see more of this country.

Monday, 2 May 2016

I'm Learning How To Make Clothes

I have been eating lots of pizza lately and discovered calzone (yes, only just now..) and there's this one from PizzaMe in Brighton where they put banana, nutella and mascarpone inside. Jeeez! I'm addicted to it now and it is costing me some money and it reminds me of the times when I was addicted to Pumpkin Curry from Pompoko. People of PizzaMe, what do I do to get a little sweet discount? Haha.

Wait. STOP. This is not a take-away addict diary. I'm sorry. 

I was going to say that I've been busy eating pizza and I had a flu, I went to Czech (apparently that's called Czechia now haha) for two weeks, I moved houses...but also I HAVE BEEN LEARNING HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES! YAY! I think it all started with me telling my friend Sabina that I might want to buy a sewing machine, next thing I know she got it for me for my birthday. My sewing machine travelled with me from Prague to Brighton and it paitenly waited few weeks in the corner of the room in its box and I was kinda scared of it. I thought I would be rubbish and I have never been that crafty type of a person and honestly I thought it would be hard.. and yes it is. I'm SO lucky that my friend Danielle - the owner and the designer of Tallulah's Threads is teaching me. Without her it would take me months to make something. She is very patient with me even though I often ask her the exact same question and I am not really good with cutting haha. Seriously! They say you should start small when you're learning something but Danielle decided that on our firt lesson I should make a dress (the pink one in the picture yeah)! It was with a big guidance from her side but I did make that dress! I was impressed with myself and actually proud of myself. On our second lesson I made a skirt with a matching top. I love it and I cannot wait to make more clothes.
I have been enjoying visiting fabric shops and looking through fashion history books in the library. I have some ideas of what I'd like to make and hopefully it will work out. It's so much fun. X